Do you need any
high quality studio equipment?

CubeStudio offers a wide variety of analog
and digital equipment available to rent!
Contact us at 410-827-5956 or today!


DW Collector Series 5 pc w/Hardware
$250/Day outside rental


Yamaha Motif ES8
$40/Session – $100/Day
$125/day outside rental

Guitar Amps

Roland Jazz Chorus 120 – $60/day
Fender Twin Reverb – $60/day
Fender Deville – $60/day
Fender Deluxe – $50/day
Peavey Classic 50 – $60/day
Marshall MG Series 50 DFX – $60/day

PA Systems & Microphones

Yamaha EMX512SC PA Mixer Amp – $60/day
Yamaha S115V PA Speakers – $60/day
Monitors – $50/day
Yamaha PA Amp/Speakers/3 Mics – $200/day
SM58 Microphone – $25/day
Mic/Stand/Cable – $50/day